Getting Started

If you have not already setup OnRamp in your application, please refer to the Create connections with OnRamp guide for instructions on how to get started.

Updating Connections

Leen supports 2 kinds of connection invite tokens:

  • Create Connection Invite Token: This token is used to create a new connection for a specific vendor.
  • Update Connection Invite Token: This token is used to update an existing connection for a specific vendor.

You can create a new update connection invite token by making a POST request to the Create Connection Invite Token API and pass in a connection_id instead of a vendor like so:

    "connection_id": "leen-connection-uuid"

A connection invite token will be returned for the specified connection - this token can be used to update the connection with the connection_id specified in the payload.

Initializing OnRamp

You can now initialize Leen’s OnRamp component with this token which will allow your users to update the connection.

The only difference your users will see is a a different button and message on the OnRamp component, indicating that they are updating an existing connection instead of creating a new one.